Globe editorial: Ontario law society can’t put words in people’s mouths

Globe editorial Nov 10, 2017

Any lawyer – or anyone else, really – who is familiar with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms knows that the state is not allowed to put words in people’s mouths, or force them to swear their devotion to political viewpoints in order to keep their jobs.

CanLaw asked the almighty gawds at the Globe for permission to post their article.

Here is the response from Tripp, Doug <>

“Please remove our article from your site immediately.

You can post the headline and link to it for free, but if you want to post the full article you must obtain permission. You can license it through the link at the bottom of the article.”

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Unlicenced and Uninsured drivers

A simple solution to unlicenced and or uninsured drivers is within reach.

Add a lock out to all new cars as part of the self driving features.

The system would log into the appropriate database, check that your licence and insurance are valid.

If not, the car would not start.

Simple eh?

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Women make false accusations all the time and get away with it

Women have always traded sex for gain.

How do you account for the fact that men are regularly propositioned by women currying favour?

In the advertising business, I was offered sex many times by women, (models, actresses etc.) seeking an advantage. I will not name one, who went on to become a major TV and movie star whose name you would certainly know.

No, I did not comply, but if any woman accused me I, like all men today would be instantly presumed guilty regardless of the truth. I have been the victim of false accusations on several occasions.

A couple weeks ago in Toronto, I got on an elevator and a young women revealingly dressed also got on. I was stunned to catch myself deciding that if she and I were the only people on the elevator I would not have got on. False accusations are a dime a dozen these days.

Last month, a female lawyer, a client of my business who was delinquent, threatened in writing to charge me with harassment and death threats for sending routine reminder invoices.

All male university students are now treated as rapists by their schools.

Women say they want equality, but that is not true. They want privilege without responsibility or work

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Pamella Stagg lied to the courts

I had the great misfortune of dating the artist Pamella Stagg for a time. She told me her boss (Gerry Kane) had called her a competent hack and she would get even with him.

Since sexual harassment is in the news these days, I will add that Pamella Stagg offered sex for favours to me on several occasions at work. I did not accept any sex from her until we started dating. She was really lousy in bed.

She was using me to get a married man, Morry(sp?) Katz, to separate from his wife and marry her. She lied about the relationship to me claiming he was just a friend. (She ended up marrying him.)

When she admitted the truth I broke up with her. She retaliated by filing a false criminal charge against me alleging I slapped her or some such.

At the first appearance on that matter she withdrew the charge. She should have been charged for making a false allegation but being a woman, she got away with it.

Years later she testified against me that I had assaulted her in that matter despite the fact she had previously admitted she lied. Being a woman she was believed.

HERE IS THE CRAZY PART:  An acquaintance of mine Vangie Lentgis, told me long after the above events, that Pamella Stagg phoned her when I broke up with her. Stagg had never met Lengtis but I had mentioned her and we all worked in advertising, so it was simple for Stagg to find Lentgis.

Stagg tole Vangie that she wanted to get even with me so she would charge me with assault. BUT WOULD VANGIE TESTIFY ON MY BEHALF SO I WOULD BE SURE TO BE ACQUITTED.

This is the world we live in. When a woman accuses a man she is believed because courts “believe the victim.”

When the accusations turn out to be false, the woman walks away but the man’s reputation is damaged or ruined.

So tell me Where is the Justice ???

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BULLETIN Wacky Wente says women sell sex! HOLD THE PRESSES


Spend a little time with single women in their early to mid-30s, and you’ll be grateful you’re not one of them. The relationship scene is even more dismal today than when I was their age. All the women want serious relationships that lead to marriage, but many of the men they meet do not. All too often a woman moves in with some guy, hoping they’re on the road to somewhere. Two years later, he tells her he’s not ready for marriage and kids just yet. Splat.

But wait. Hasn’t online dating made the mating market easier? Yes – for men. If you really want to hear a woman rant, just utter the word Tinder.

Single women are more equal and empowered than ever before. They have unparalleled sexual, reproductive and economic autonomy. In many ways, they’re doing much better than the men. (Just look at the lopsided university graduation rates, which are now around 60-40). And yet, large numbers of young women admit their private lives are a sad mess.

If you’re a gender studies major, stop reading here. You’re going to hate what I’ve got to say next. I don’t like it much myself.

In a nutshell, over the past few decades, the traditional relationship exchange has broken down. It used to be that men and women each had something the other really needed. Men needed access to sex. Women needed access to resources. Men couldn’t get steady access to sex unless they had resources to offer, so they worked hard for them. The partnership between men and women was a grand bargain that (usually) left both sides better off.

For men, sex was traditionally expensive. The price tag was a long-term commitment to provide for a woman (and children). But today, sex is cheap. And that changes everything.

This is the premise of a bracing new book, Cheap Sex, by American sociologist Mark Regnerus. Sex got cheap because of three technological developments: the advent of the Pill, which divorced fertility from sex; the onset of mass-produced, high-quality pornography; and the arrival of online dating sites, which make it easy for men to find willing sex partners.

Sexual liberation is a fabulous thing – in some ways. But it can also turn men into louts, because women don’t expect much in return for access. Today, most men can have all the sex they want for very little cost – no fancy dinner required. The irony, as Mr. Regnerus writes, is that today’s mating market is probably more dominated by men’s interests than ever before.

When women complain that marriageable men (sober, steady good providers) are harder to find than ever, they may well be right. The marriage rate is falling steadily, especially among the lower middle class, while long-term stable marriage is increasingly a privilege reserved for the better off.

A lot of women seem to have their act together these days. But a lot of men don’t. “I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labour market screaming out ‘You need more education’… and men have not,” MIT economics professor Michael Greenstone says in Cheap Sex.

What might explain this puzzling fact? Men don’t have to prove themselves as providers any more. They can get all the sex they want anyway – including online porn on demand that can make the real thing feel mildly disappointing. (Ask younger women about men and porn. You’ll get an earful.)

Like it or not, women have always been the gatekeepers for sex – not because they don’t like sex, too, but because (no matter what you learned in gender studies) men’s sex drive is innately higher. This means it’s up to us to make the rules. “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” my father used to say. It drove me crazy when he said that. Now, it’s dawned on me that he was right.

Since the women’s cartel collapsed, women’s bargaining power has seriously eroded. That’s why so many single women hate Tinder, which has further commodified sex for the benefit of men. Women are just another consumer good in the shop window.

It may take a village to raise a child. But it takes a village to raise a husband, too. And modern society has largely abdicated from the job. “Good husband material doesn’t occur naturally, but is instead the product (in part) of socialization, development, and social control,” Mr. Regnerus writes. “[I]n the domain of sex and relationships men will act as nobly as women collectively demand.”

Time to get our act together, ladies. If we don’t, they won’t either.

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LSUC does it again | Kirby Inwood | Pulse | LinkedIn

Source: LSUC does it again | Kirby Inwood | Pulse | LinkedIn

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Globe and Mail Hate Male Garbage | Kirby Inwood | Pulse | LinkedIn

Source: Globe and Mail Hate Male Garbage | Kirby Inwood | Pulse | LinkedIn

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Find the right lawyer Fast free confidential referrals

WHAT IS CANLAW? CanLaw is Canada’s first, largest free Lawyer Referral Service for anyone, or any business, anywhere in the world, needing to find a lawyer

Source: Find the right lawyer Fast free confidential referrals

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Malicious, false reviews and complaints are a dime a dozen. That does not make them true

How to spot malicious, false reviews

Source: Malicious, false reviews and complaints are a dime a dozen. That does not make them true

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SInging can be a crime? GOOD

Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc.
  •  (1) Every one who

    • (a) not being in a dwelling-house, causes a disturbance in or near a public place,

      • (i) by fighting, screaming, shouting, swearing, singing or using insulting or obscene language,

      • (ii) by being drunk, or

      • (iii) by impeding or molesting other persons,

    • (b) openly exposes or exhibits an indecent exhibition in a public place,

    • (c) loiters in a public place and in any way obstructs persons who are in that place, or

    • (d) disturbs the peace and quiet of the occupants of a dwelling-house by discharging firearms or by other disorderly conduct in a public place or who, not being an occupant of a dwelling-house comprised in a particular building or structure, disturbs the peace and quiet of the occupants of a dwelling-house comprised in the building or structure by discharging firearms or by other disorderly conduct in any part of a building or structure to which, at the time of such conduct, the occupants of two or more dwelling-houses comprised in the building or structure have access as of right or by invitation, express or implied,

    is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

  • Marginal note:Evidence of peace officer

    (2) In the absence of other evidence, or by way of corroboration of other evidence, a summary conviction court may infer from the evidence of a peace officer relating to the conduct of a person or persons, whether ascertained or not, that a disturbance described in paragraph (1)(a) or (d) or an obstruction described in paragraph (1)(c) was caused or occurred.

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