The owner of lawyer locate, one Natalie Waddell, has been a nuisance and problem for CanLaw ever since she started copying CanLaw.

She lied when she told people she had or was going to obtain a peace bond against the owner of CanLaw, whom she had never met, or talked to. Her only dealings with CanLaw have been predatory.

CanLaw finally after years of aggravation by this admitted plaigerizer finally sued her and her copy cat web site for defamation

They made an offer to settle which we accepted, since it is tanatmount to a win in court, but without the bother.

FYI She claims on her web site that they advertise their site in the mainstream media even listing several outlets. However if you look closely, while she makes it sound like she is advertising regularly, the ads to which she refers, ran several years ago.

Deceptive claims fit well with an admitted plaigerer and a women who makes false criminal allegations about us.



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