When you buy an ad or subscribe to an online service, the first question you should ask (get proof) is how many visitors do they have.

    By comparison, CanLaw averages 85,000 visitors a month. We are number one for many, many                                 reasons. Our advertisers and subscribers get tons of business from their CanLaw link or ad.

This post is a commercial for advertising on CanLaw but it applies to all advertisers. Read it and learn eh?

When I was advertising director for the Royal Bank, my biggest challenge was stopping the enormous waste spent on ads no one would ever see because everyone and their brother would book an ad in the local hockey rink program, or small town paper or whatever. The result? A huge part of the Bank’s multi million dollar ad budget was wasted on ads no one would ever see.

These publications had little circulation but they nickel and dimed the ad budget leaving little money to spend on ads in major publications with national audiences.

I see the same thing every day in online ads. Thousands of little web sites are trying to get you to buy an ad or subscription. But if no one sees the ad, is it really there? Your money is gone. What did you get? Probably nothing. You are dissipating your ad budget.

Sites with high audiences, high numbers of visitors cost more but you get a lot more. Look at it this way.

You can spend $100 in ten little web sites with virtually no visitors. Or you can spend $1000.00 in a large web site with say, 85,000 visitors a month. Granted most of those 85,000 visitors are no use to you, but some will be and they will follow through creating a live prospect for you. This is how advertiting works. You buy audience with your money. The more the better.

CanLaw created the very first on line Lawyer Referral Service in Canada in 1996. We are still number one. Since then thousands of local little web sites are offering lawyers ads, referrals services and whatever. It seems ok to spend a few bucks on the local referral web site, but it is not. The nickel and dime ads eat up your budget and you don’t have enough money left to spend on ads in major web sites like CanLaw.

Not a smart move eh? But most small law practices do exactly this. Then they wonder why they can’t pay the rent.

Check out CanLaw advertising plans for your practice.

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